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Technical Cloud Trainer - Europe (Remote)

Preferable Location: Madrid, Barcelona, London   |   Contract

Building nubeGO

 nubeGO is a Cloud and DevOps Consultancy and Training provider based in

the Thames Valley, UK. We are passionate about delivering exceptional

technology projects across Europe and Latin America.

Fernando Honig, Founder and CEO built nubeGO on the sole purpose to no longer

conform to the usual consulting practices. To offer a service that enables customers and

partners to leverage the best of resources at the most efficient time. To work with people

who care about the work they deliver, whether that be technical training, best-in-class

consulting or clearly defined, measurable migrations in a multi-cloud setting.

This is what we see in every part of business and we are striving to continually improve.

You might say that we are building a business for the future. A model that deflects your

usual off-the-shelf model.

Job Description

As businesses across all industries are rapidly embracing new

technology skill sets, we have an immediate need for a Technical

Trainer who has the passion to deliver outstanding Cloud technology

training to our clients.

This role will require frequent travel to client and training locations

across the UK, and in Europe. The Technical Trainer will ideally have

a flexible schedule, allowing for trips to client and training locations to

be scheduled up to two weeks before the training delivery date.

Before becoming a trainer, you must study and pass the AAI

assessment. It is expected that a minimum of 4-8 weeks is needed to

prepare for the assessment.

What is a Technical Trainer responsible for? 

As a Technical Trainer you will be responsible for delivering instructor-led training for Cloud and DevOps technologies both

in-person, and online. You will be capable of clearly communicating concepts to an audience eager to learn new skills. The ideal

candidate will have a keen interest in emerging trends and technologies and have previous working hands-on experience with

the Cloud.

This role will require you to learn and deliver training content created by the Cloud providers themselves (AWS, GCP, Alibaba) as

well as content created by our training partners, and created by nubeGO. You will need to keep your technical skills up to date

and regularly research new technology concepts - to help you do this, nubeGO will provide you access to online training courses

and your own Cloud accounts to practice building and using cloud technologies.

At nubeGO, you’ll get the opportunity to contribute to our own training content and strategy. You’ll help us

to build training slides, hands-on labs and workshop materials for cloud native technologies. If you’d like to

spend time on technical consultancy projects - there are options available for you to mix project work with

training work.

In addition to training, you’ll be contributing to the definition, implementation, validation and use of a range

of nubeGO products and capabilities; helping us to build and constantly refine the tooling and processes

needed to help our clients make the most of the Cloud.

What will you be doing as a Technical Trainer? 

Provide instructor-led technical training and workshops for our clients

● Deliver official AWS and GCP training, which may include the following:

  • AWS Business Essentials,
  • AWS Technical Essentials,
  • Architecting on AWS,
  • Advanced Architecting on AWS,
  • Systems Operations on AWS,
  • Migrating on AWS,
  • Developing on AWS,
  • DevOps Engineering on AWS,
  • GCP Fundamentals,
  • Architecting with GCP,
  • Data Engineering on Google,
  • Developing with GCP,
  • Networking in GCP,
  • Security in GCP

● Keep technical knowledge and skills updated

● Contribute to the creation of new training content

● Attend and contribute to community cloud and technology events & workshops

● Represent nubeGO professionally at client and partner locations

What skills and experience does the Technical Trainer need? 

● Clear written and spoken communication skills

● Ability to work independently or with minimal supervision

● Highly organised and able to prioritise your own learning needs

● Passionate, innovative and driven to help our clients embrace the Cloud

● Deep understanding of relevant technical areas

● Experience as an AWS/Google cloud architect or developer in an

enterprise environment

● Experience speaking at public events or delivering training to audiences

of 10-20 people

What qualifications and key skills do you need to possess?

● The successful candidate will already be AWS certified to at

least Associate level

● The following technical skills are desirable, however, training

can be provided for the right candidate:-

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  • Further AWS or GCP certifications at Associate,
  • Professional and Speciality level
  • Confident using Linux environments and command line
  • Some experience of scripting languages, development
  • languages or Infrastructure as Code languages
  • Experience using Docker containers with Kubernetes or
  • other orchestration tooling
  • Hands-on experience with DevOps tools, specifically
  • AWS tooling

Benefits of becoming an Cloud Trainer

Frequent travel to major cities across the UK and Europe

● Travel paid in advance using Travelperk to reduce your

outgoings and expenses

● Access to CloudAcademy training resources to learn and help

pass future certifications

● Expert advice and collaborative team to learn ‘best-practice’

training techniques and support when taking the exam

● Keep up-to-date with AWS standards

● Once you are an AAI (Amazon Authorised Instructor) you will

receive discount on all future Certifications meaning you have

more reason to continue getting certified

● Free attendance to AWS Public classes

● Promotional credits to experiment within AWS

● Exclusive AWS events for Trainers

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